How To Stake Aptos on Ledger Hardware Devices

Published September 20th, 2023

As the digital frontier continues to expand, our pockets are getting heavier – not with coins, but with knowledge and opportunities.

Now, you've probably heard about and the advantages of staking Aptos, that rising star in the crypto-verse. Couple that with the impenetrable security of a Ledger hardware device, and you've got a match made in digital heaven.

Staking Aptos on Ledger Drives can be a Quick and Easy Process.

To Stake Aptos using the Ledger hardware wallet start by:

  1. Initiate Connection: Open Pontem Chrome Extension, click the sphere and connect to your Ledger Account.
  2. Engage Aptos Explorer: With the Pontem Wallet connected, visit Aptos Labs Block Explorer and connect the wallet.
  3. Delegate Staking: Navigate to the Validators Tab, click "Delegation Nodes", and choose your desired delegation node.
  4. Stake Aptos: On the chosen node page, enter the amount of Aptos for staking (reserve some for fees) and confirm the transaction on both Pontem and your Ledger device.
  5. Transaction Verification (Optional): Review your transaction for success.

For both beginners taking their first steps into the cryptocurrency staking world and seasoned veterans well-versed in blockchain intricacies, this guide promises to take you over the steps mentioned above in greater detail.

I'll walk you through the process of staking your Aptos on Ledger devices, ensuring that your assets not only grow but are also tucked safely away from prying eyes and sticky fingers.

We also have another tutorial on staking Aptos using Web Browser based Hot wallets. Ready to stake Aptos using Web Browser based Hot wallets revolution? Let’s roll up our digital sleeves and dive in!

Assumptions and Preparations

In this article, we assume that you have a Ledger Nano S connected and ready to go, with the Aptos App installed on it. Ledger has a tutorial on installing the Aptos app on the Ledger Live App. You should also have the following things set up:

  • Pontem Chrome Extension Installed and ready to go. Pontem is one of the top 5 best Aptos Wallets out there.
  • You have a minimum of 11 Aptos to stake.
  • You have Extra Aptos to pay for transaction fees.
  • Aptos is stored within Ledger through the Pontem App (you can follow the Ledger tutorial on how to do that).
  • Be sure to read this tutorial so that the steps can be done quickly. Ledger likes to lock itself after a countdown and can make connecting to the website difficult.

Steps 1-3 on Staking Aptos with Ledger

Step 1: Open up the Pontem Chrome Extension and Click on the top-colored sphere.

Aptos Staking On Ledger 1

Step 2: Connect to your Ledger Account by either clicking on Connect Hardware Wallet or by clicking on the Ledger Account under “My Accounts”.

Aptos Staking On Ledger 2

Step 3: Once Pontem Wallet has connected to the Ledger, visit the Aptos Labs block Explorer and Click on the Connect Wallet Icon.

Aptos Staking On Ledger 3

Steps 4-6 on Staking Aptos with Ledger

Step 4: Click on the Pontem Wallet Icon to connect the Pontem Wallet to the Aptos Block Explorer.

Aptos Staking On Ledger 4

Step 5: Finish Connecting the Block Explorer App to the Pontem App by clicking on Confirm.

Aptos Staking On Ledger 5

Step 6: Click on the Validators Tab within the Aptos block Explorer App. You should also be able to see your wallet’s address in the top right corner.

Aptos Staking On Ledger 6

Steps 7-9 on Staking Aptos With Ledger

Step 7: Click on Delegation Nodes Button right beside “All Nodes” Button.

Aptos Staking On Ledger 7

Step 8: Once on the Delegation Nodes Page, Click on the delegation node that you want to delegate with. Be sure to delegate to trusted and active validators. Commissions may also affect how much APTOS coins you receive for your staking reward.

Aptos Staking On Ledger 8

Step 9: Once you’re on the node data page of the chosen Delegation Node, Click on the Stake Button.

Aptos Staking On Ledger 9

Steps 10-12 on Staking Aptos With Ledger

Step 10: Enter the number of Aptos that you want to stake. Be sure not to send all because you need extra APT to pay for transaction fees. We recommend leaving 0.1 to 1 Aptos or 5$ worth minimum.

Once you’re ready to stake Aptos, click on Deposit.

Aptos Staking On Ledger 10

Step 11: Confirm the transaction on Pontem, and then on your Ledger Hardware Device. You might have to enable blind singing by clicking on options while in the Aptos app within the ledger.

Note on Step 11: Sometimes you have to disconnect the Ledger and reconnect to Pontem quickly and reload the webpage. Everything needs to be done quickly because the ledger will disconnect automatically and produce errors.

Aptos Staking On Ledger 11

Step 12 Optional: Check for a successful transaction.

Aptos Staking On Ledger 12

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