How to Stake Aptos(APT)

Published September 2nd, 2023

Staking cryptocurrencies like Aptos is a great way to earn passive income while supporting the network. In this beginner's guide, I'll walk you through the simple process of staking your Aptos coins step-by-step. Whether you're a crypto expert or completely new to staking, you'll learn how to start earning Aptos staking rewards.

We also have another tutorial on Staking Aptos with a Ledger Wallet.

Let’s get right into it!

To start off, be sure you have two things: Fewcha Aptos wallet installed in your web browser, and more than 11 Aptos. 11 Aptos is the minimum required to stake and you will need extra to pay for transaction fees. This tutorial assumes that you will be staking on a desktop PC.

NOTE: If at any time the Fewcha Wallet App doesn’t respond, you may need to unlock it again.

NOTE: If at any time the Fewcha Portfolio App doesn’t respond, just refresh it again.

Step 1-3 On Staking Aptos: Connecting to the Apps

Step 1: Open up the Fewcha app and click on “Portfolio”. This will open up a new tab within your browser and take you to the Fewcha Portfolio online app.

Aptos Staking 1

Step 2: Connect the Fewcha Wallet to the Fewcha Portfolio by clicking on “Connect to Fewcha”.

Aptos Staking 2

Step 3: Confirm connection on the Fewcha App Extension.

Aptos Staking 3

Step 4-6 on Staking Aptos: Picking the Right Pool

Step 4: Click on “Delegating Staking”.

Aptos Staking 4

Step 5: Click on “Pools”.

Aptos Staking 5

Step 6: Click on any Aptos Pool that you think is right for you. Each of these pools is led by a validator. Each has its own risk(A validator can be a bad actor). Make sure you pick the right pool that will put your interests first. Each of these pools gives a different APR. You can choose the highest APR pool or the pool from the validator that is the most reputable.

Aptos Staking 6

Step 7-10 on Staking Aptos: Confirming the Aptos Stake

Step 7: Click on “Stake”.


Step 8: Click on Pool Info After confirming the pool you want.

Aptos Staking 8

Step 9: Enter the amount of Aptos you want to stake(Has to be over 11) and click on “Review.”

Aptos Staking 9

Step 10: Click on “Confirm” to confirm your stake.

Aptos Staking 10

Last Steps on Staking Aptos: Signing the TX and Review

Step 11: Sign the Transaction on the Fewcha Wallet App by Clicking on Sign.

Aptos Staking 11

Final Considerations: Review your Stake

Aptos Staking 12

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