The Top 5 Best Aptos Wallets in 2023

Published on June 25th, 2023

In the world of cryptocurrencies having the right wallet is imperative to keeping digital assets safe and away from potential hackers.

Different wallets serve different purposes whether it be for long-term storage or day trading.

Luckily, we have tried and reviewed all current Aptos wallets to see which 5 are the best Aptos wallets.

In the passage below we’re going to get further into the details of these wallets, including their pros, cons, and any other details that are important.

Let’s get started!


  • Platform: Mobile iOS and Android

    Blockto is a mobile app that is intended for beginner users trying to get into crypto. Blockto makes a great Aptos wallet for beginner users.

Difficulty Level: Beginner

It employs a hybrid custody solution whereby the app provides custody(using a 3rd party company) for new users.

Users can then transition to non-custodial mode. In this mode, the user will have all the private keys to their Aptos wallet.

Blockto as a wallet allows users to store different cryptocurrencies other than Aptos, such as Ethereum, Flow, Matic, Maker, OKB, Optimism, Tron, and much more! We chose Blockto as our 5th best Aptos wallet because it is targeted towards new crypto users.


  • The Wallet supports many other cryptocurrencies aside from Aptos, such as Optimism, Ethereum, BSC tokens, AVAX, BNB, Solana, Tron, and much more!
  • Buy Aptos within the app using Moonpay.
  • Access Pancakeswap within the app
  • Access other alt-coin apps within the app such as Lido for ETH/ Matic staking, Flow Staking
  • Access Souffl3 and NFT marketplace for Aptos within the app
  • In-app news


  • The App doesn’t allow you to add custom Aptos tokens.
  • Custodial service within the app may present large degrees of security concerns as seen with other services.
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  • The non-custodial option also has security risks because the wallet is still a hot wallet. Hackers can still potentially steal your funds.
  • Requires Blockto tokens to be able to create multiple cryptocurrency wallets. Blockto Tokens are purchasable within the app.
  • Email and other credentials are required to make / sign up for the wallet.

4) Pontem Wallet

  • Platform: Mobile iOS and Android and web browser extension

    Pontem is an Aptos wallet available on iOS and Android and as a Web Browser Extension. It has a nice purple design and features an in-app DEX.

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Pontem also allows users to add multiple accounts and NFTs. After careful consideration, we chose Pontem as the 4th best Aptos wallet. Pontem offers an intuitive user interface and an in-app browser to access other online DApps.

Pontem is accepted by most Aptos based DApps online.

Pontem Wallet also allows you to stake Aptos using Ledger, sort of like connecting the ledger with Metamask.


  • In-app decentralized exchange
  • Liquidswap accepts connection to the wallet.
  • Add custom Aptos tokens.
  • In-app Aptos purchases using fiat currencies using MoonPay, Transak, and Coinbase Pay
  • Easily add and manage multiple accounts.
  • Stake Aptos with Ledger through Pontem App.


  • Pancakeswap does not allow the Wallet to connect.
  • Hot Wallet, Since it is mobile and it’s connected to the internet it can get hacked more easily than cold wallets.
  • Only features Aptos as the main asset. E.g. doesn't support Ethereum etc.

3) Fewcha

  • Platform: Web Browser Extension

    Fewcha is an Aptos Wallet for Chrome and other web browsers. Send and receive Aptos coins and NFTs.

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Access the Fewcha Portfolio online app using the wallet to access other DeFi apps such as Delegation staking, DEX, and Aptos purchases using Fiat currencies.

The Fewcha Aptos wallet is accepted by other major DApps such as Liquidswap. Fewcha also has an integrated Pancakeswap interface within their app, allowing their customers to access Pancakeswap right from within the wallet.

We chose this as our 4th best wallet since it is the current best online desktop web browser wallet.


  • Pancakeswap exchange integrated within the wallet app.
  • Easily add custom Aptos tokens
  • In-app Explorer features Kana Swap, a DeFi product DAPP
  • In-app Staking to earn Aptos yields
  • Add and manage multiple Aptos wallets.
  • Access Online Fewcha Portfolio App
  • Stake Aptos through the Fewcha Portfolio App


  • Fewcha is a Hot wallet and therefore susceptible to possible hacks since it is on devices connected to the internet.
  • Only features Aptos as the main asset.
  • Note Available on Mobile devices.

2) Ledger Hardware Wallets

  • Platform: Hardware Wallet

    The Ledger wallet is one of the only hardware wallets that currently supports Aptos as of 2023.

Difficulty Level: Advanced

Of course, because of the recent news regarding the fact that a new update can remove the seed keys from the device if the user decides to opt in for the service that does it.

This update intends to split the phrase into 3 pieces and send it to 3 parties to create a recovery service. Because of this, we placed this lower on our list.

The ledger wallet is still pretty safe if the user opts out of the recovery service. Moreover, if other hardware wallets support Aptos, we may definitely consider them instead.


  • Still a safer wallet than hot wallets and software wallets
  • Supports a wide variety of Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and much more!
  • Connections Accepted by MetaMask and other software wallets.


  • Costs about 89.99$
  • Recent debacle indicates that seed phrases can be removed through an optional update.
  • More tedious to work with if the user is a frequent trader since transactions need manual authentication.

1) Trust Wallet

  • Platform: iOS and Android

    Trust wallet is generally a very reputable wallet that supports Aptos. It has a nice user interface and supports many cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Additionally, almost all major DApps support them like Uniswap, Pancakeswap, etc. Trust Wallet is owned by Binance, which is the biggest and generally most trusted centralized exchange in the space.

It has earned our top position because it’s been around for a long time and because it’s well adopted and has many cryptocurrencies supported.


  • Supports BTC, ETH, Sui, Polygon, and 20 more cryptocurrencies.
  • Easily add custom Aptos tokens
  • Supported by Pancakeswap and Liquid Swap which are Aptos DEXs
  • Hosts an In-app browser to access popular DApps.


  • Since the Trust Wallet is a hot wallet, it is easier for hackers to get access to funds and steal them.
  • Only the Mobile Version is great, the web Extension sucks.
  • Lacks integrated DEX like Pontem and the other Aptos Wallets.

How Do I Store Aptos?

When it comes to storing your Aptos, you have two primary options: hot wallets and cold wallets. Let's take a closer look at each type and understand their differences.

Hot Wallets

Hot Wallets for Aptos

Hot wallets, also known as online wallets, are digital wallets that are connected to the internet. They are accessible through web browsers or mobile applications, making them convenient for frequent transactions and easy access to your Aptos. Here are some key features and considerations for hot wallets:

Accessibility: Hot wallets provide instant access to your Aptos from any device with an internet connection, allowing you to manage your funds on the go.

Convenience: They are user-friendly and often come with additional features like integrated exchanges, portfolio tracking, and real-time market data.

Security: While hot wallets offer convenience, they come with higher security risks compared to cold wallets. Since they are connected to the internet, they are more susceptible to potential hacking attempts or malware attacks.

Recommended Usage: Hot wallets are ideal for storing a smaller amount of Aptos that you plan to use for day-to-day transactions or trading. It's advisable to keep only a portion of your Aptos holdings in a hot wallet while storing the rest in a more secure cold wallet.

Cold Wallets:

Hardware Wallet Wallet

Cold wallets, also known as offline wallets, are physical devices or paper-based wallets that store your Aptos offline. They are not connected to the internet, providing a higher level of security against online threats. Here are some key features and considerations for cold wallets:

Security: Cold wallets offer enhanced security by keeping your private keys offline, away from potential hacking attempts or malware.

Protection: They provide protection against computer viruses, phishing attacks, and other online vulnerabilities.

Backup and Recovery: Cold wallets often come with backup and recovery options, allowing you to restore your wallet and access your funds even if the device is lost or damaged.

Recommended Usage: Cold wallets are recommended for storing significant amounts of Aptos that you intend to hold for a longer period. They are suitable for long-term investments and provide peace of mind knowing your funds are secure.

The Best Aptos Wallet for iOS

If you're an iOS user and seeking the best wallet to store your Aptos securely, you've come to the right place. In this section, we will explore the top Aptos wallets specifically designed for iOS devices.

Whether you're an avid Aptos investor or a beginner looking to store your Aptos safely, our carefully curated selection of iOS wallets will help you make an informed choice. Let's dive in and discover the best Aptos wallet for iOS users!

The Best Aptos wallet for IOS is Trust Wallet

  • The Trust Wallet is currently the best Aptos wallet for iOS devices. It has an outstanding user-interface. The Trust Wallet also provides up to 20 different cryptocurrency holding options, from Bitcoin all the way to Solana. It also has outstanding security and is trusted by virtually most people in the crypto space.

The Best Aptos Wallet for Android

The Best Aptos wallet for Android is Trust Wallet

  • Trust Wallet is also a great Aptos wallet for Android systems. It retains its similar user interface which is very intuitive for new and experienced users to use. Trust Wallet also holds tons of cryptocurrencies aside from Aptos. The Trust Wallet is a great wallet since Pancakeswap supports it.

The Best Aptos Wallet for Day-Traders

The Best Aptos Wallet for Day Traders is Martian

  • The Best Aptos Wallet for Day Trading is the Martian Wallet because the 2 major DEXs in the Aptos network, Pancakeswap and Liquidswap both connect to the Martian Wallet. Additionally, other cross-chain bridges have implemented support for the Martian Wallet.

Another reason why this is the best Aptos wallet for day traders is that it is for web browsers. Traders generally use desktop applications to trade effectively. The Martian Wallet has also implemented the SUI network. Traders can switch between Aptos and Sui seamlessly and trade on both networks. Bridging between both networks is also done with ease.

The Best Aptos Wallet for Desktop

The Best Aptos Wallet for Desktop is Fewcha

  • The Fewcha Wallet, which is a web browser extension, is currently the best Aptos wallet for Desktop devices. It allows users quick access to their funds. Fewcha has a built-in DEX interface within the application. It also has access to staking and earning Aptos. The Fewcha app allows users to connect to other DApps within the Aptos ecosystem.

It also allows users to use the Fewcha app which has a portfolio manager, Staking UI, NFT manager, and DEX.

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