How to Send Bitcoin

Updated July 22, 2021

In this article we'll discuss how to properly and securely send Bitcoin.

To get started you will need a few things:

  • Access to your Bitcoin wallet that has your Bitcoin stored , wether it be the Coinbase wallet or another wallet
  • The Public address of the wallet to whom you want to send the Bitcoin to

Step 1. Begin by logging into the wallet application, for Coinbase this is just the website login. For most wallets this requires a password of some sort.

Step 2. Click the "Send" button on the app. Most wallets have it in plain sight. For Coinbase you will have to click “wallet” first.

Step 3. Copy the address of the wallet which you want to send bitcoin to (the receiving wallet address).
Tip: copy the address by highlighting the text and right clicking the mouse to copy or
CTRL +C instead of copying the address letter by letter. This will ensure that every letter is copied successfully and you don't miss type the address. The address is case sensitive.

Step 4. Paste it on the send input area

This is an image of the exodus wallet, all wallets will have a input area like this.

Step 5. Make sure the address in the space is the same as the receiver address. If they are wrong, you will be sending your funds to another foreign address and it could be lost!

Step 6. Input the amount of Bitcoin that you want to send. Usually, the wallets will tell you how much the receiver will receive since the fees are also included in the amount you are going to transfer. You can adjust the amount accordingly.

Step 7. Last but not least, wait for the funds to arrive, usually they’ll arrive in 10minutes or less, but it could take longer.

Step 8. After you've made sure that everything is correct, it is ok to press "Send".

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